Virtual Job Fair Solution and Platform

Virtual Platform enables organizations to hire any level of professional from anywhere. In this COVID situation, the F2F interview is not feasible for the organization. The not only organization but candidates are also looking for a platform that can connect directly to the Hiring HR or Hiring Manager. A virtual job fair platform is one of the best alternative solutions for the organization and candidates to meet in one place virtually.

What is a Virtual Job fair platform

A Virtual Jobs fair is an online event that takes place at a certain time through the virtual platform. Job Seekers and recruiters meet virtually on the platform through Chat and video calls. Exchange their profile and documents on the platform about the job information. With the development of the Telecommunication sector, it’s easy to access from the remote area and recruiters can reach more than 60% of talents easily. Easy to brand and attract the right talent on the platform.

How does it work

A virtual Job fair Platform is easy to set and reduces lots of physical costs and time. Set the information about the company, team, Product/services, and jobs, this information can easily prompt on social media, ads, and different channels to promote and attract the right audience to the job fair. Host it on the career site or different job boards to attract the candidate registration.

Virtual Platform important features

      Company Profiling
      Jobs & applicants
      Applicant search
      Event registration page
      Basic Shortlisting & sharing
      Chat platform
      Video communication
      Sharing Documents
      Basic Shortlisting and Selection
      Calendar to set up interviews
      Resume view & Download
      Coding and Aptitude test platform
      Candidate profiling

How to choose the virtual hiring platform

Virtual Job Fair Platform Not easy to choose the virtual platform as more than functional requirements, Non- functional requirements are more important. Below are important points to choose the platform.

New Technology platform
- Modern technology is all about efficiency and speed

- The appearance of the user interface and how people interact with it?

- As needs grow, can the system handle it?

- How fast does it need to operate?

- What are the uptime requirements? Does it need to function 24/7/365?

- Is support provided in-house or is remote accessibility for external resources required?

- What are the security requirements, both for the physical installation and from a cyber perspective?

How to decide the cost of virtual Platform

Virtual Job Platform cost depends on multiple factors, most of the job fair platform cost on the number of attendees in the event with one basic cost of the platform setup. Charges may vary based on the features. Generally, it cost between $4000 to $10000 for each event. Choose the platform based on the requirement and negotiate the cost of the per event.


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