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A cloud-based platform that enables Exhibitors and Attendees to meet in a virtual environment.

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Discover the Right Audience
(SaaS) Software for Your Organization


A virtual event platform helps you organisations to connect the right audiences virtually

Event Organizers

Digital interactions are replacing in-person events. Virtual tools to aid a new channel to reach large audiences.

Colleges & Univ.

Virtual admission event enables the interactions with administration and open new channel of campus placements

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Events or Fairs

Highly Accessibility

Attendees are able to attend a virtual event than a physical one. commuting to a physical event, a attendees can participate from the comfort of their own home


Reach & Costs

Increased accessibility allows you to cast to a wider audience, avoid the overhead costs associated with in-person events such as travel, venue fees, and catering.



Planning and organizing a virtual event can have much shorter turnaround times than a physical event, hold multiple conversations with attendees, allowing companies to find right audiences

How it Works

Host Virtual Event

Create the Event, Add branding and more information about yourself

Connect & Engage

Connect the attendees through Chat, Video/Audio call to know more.

Grow Fast

Virtual Platform Enable you the Physical Experience of event


Your Goal is Our Achievement

Our online platform is robust, cloud-based virtual event software is secure and scalable, so you can effectively and safely host your virtual events for thousands of attendees. Our platform requires no plugins or downloads and works across all devices, so you can bring your virtual event to global audiences without any barriers.

  • Jobs receive 36% more applications when paired with video content

  • 30% of people are more likely to speak to a person in a virtual booth

  • Attract 7x more attendees to your virtual career fair than physical events

Platform Features

Virtual 3D Lounge

Promote your organisation brand in the lounge area for higher visibility

3D Exhibition Hall

All exhibitors promote the virtual booth to attract more attendees

Virtual 3D Booth

Promote your events on social media channels to attract the right audience


Building successful candidate relationships virtually


Branding of Organisation details engage the right audience


Host Pre, during and post webinar, workshop Calendar during event


Host Webinar/Conference during the event

Speaker Session

Host the Speaker Session during the event

Video Call

F2F Interview with high quality video call and Screen Sharing

Audio Call

Hassel Free Direct Call to attendees through desktop or mobile

Direct Chat

Intiate the chat with exhibitor or attendees to know more services

Group Chat

Group chat with exhibitor representative give you more visibility

File Sharing

Exchange files with website visitors throughout a chat effortlessly


Get real time notification of the chat, video and audio calls

Exhibitor Login

Exhibitor can update the branding content and track events

Mobile Friendly

Platform enables mobile, tablet, desktop, and laptop.

Dashboard & Reports

Pre, on-going & Post analytics of the events in your fingertips

Cloud Based

Enables efficiently, quickly and scales according to business demands


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